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SAR Dog Harness
    Dog Harness inc Chest Pad REF: H0015P

The SAR Dog Harness has been used by many search dog handlers over the years and is still found to be the best. 
When used in search or intervention it gives freedom of movement for the dog and when being winched or lowered gives full body security.
It comes in two sections, a Chest/Front body harness and detachable leg loop.


Colour: ORANGE or BLUE + Reflective strips as standard.
BLACK for Intervention.Chest Pad (removable). Laminated closed cell foam.
Chest Pad will also fit the old troll harness.
Elastic retaining loops for stick light or torch.
Fully adjustable for Sm, Med & Lrg size dogs.
Weight: Chest section 300 grm.

SAR Dog Harness

SAR Dog Harness with Chest Pad
Available in 3 colour combinations.
Orange & Black
Blue & Black
All Black Tactical